2006-06-12 - 1:40 a.m.

The whole point of my last entry in posting the email was that I wanted to show that you shouldn't jump to conclusions on someones view points without first knowing what that persons view is. And you should always know the person your about to get into a verbal sparse with. That and name calling really shouldn't come into any intelligent conversation.

I have my views and I'm just as passionate about what I believe in as the next person. But I believe you have to respect each others opinions. You can't really tell someone that what they believe in is wrong. As long as they've done the research and are informed on their views then everyone is entitled to what they believe in.

Anyways, I had dinner at my aunts tonight and I ate way too much. Being back in Nebraska for the summer is really wierd. It's so freaking cold here. I'm used to hot summer nights in az. I can't wait to go back.

The other night I was out to eat and our waiter was so freaking hot. And haldway through our steak the manager came over to talk to us and he was cute too so we talked to him about where he was from and what not and then he was like so where you from and my friend was like Nebraska and I was like yeah me too but I live in az and the manager was like oh really cause Ryan(who was our waiter) is from az and ryan who I guess over heard that part was like omg yeah I grew up in chandler and I was like oh sweet. So we talked about how much we both love az.

Well I should try and sleep!